When Indiana Jones sauntered into his new home with a lot of wag and maybe just a bit of swagger, he was immediately impressed by the other four-legged resident. “What a handsome chap,” he remarked to himself, “that lucky fellow looks just like me!”  Sure enough, three-year-old Indy and his new four-year-old brother, Chewie, have some folks seeing double.  As much as these two fox-red beauties love to hang out and blend in together, both agree that it’s their mom Angela who makes their world truly golden.  Angela writes: Indiana Jones (formerly Tucson), joined our family a little over a month ago and he has settled in wonderfully. When I saw the picture of him, I knew he would be perfect with our family. His big brother Chewie (also a SHLR pup) was looking for a friend and is doing a great job of showing him the ropes. They are often mistaken for brothers.Indy is so full of energy and wants to play with everyone and every dog he sees. He has made friends with all the neighbor dogs and enjoys having zoomie parties with them in the yard. Indy enjoys playing tug, rolling in the grass, and pulling his mom’s arm out to chase bunnies. Sleeping in mom’s bed with his brother is the best thing ever. He can’t wait until summer when we get to go swimming and on some mountain adventures.Thanks to Kathy and Jeffrey for fostering Indy/Tucson!