Indy_201605_250pxMiss Indy, a chocolate covered beauty, found herself alone in the world. Life was just beginning for this one-and-a-half-year-old Lab, and she hoped that someone would come along and take her home. Bill and Becky had previously adopted SHLR alumni Prudence, and sadly, lost her in 2014. After seeing Indy they knew that they were ready to open their hearts and home again. As for Indy, she couldn’t contain her excitement on adoption day. We are happy to report, that she has a whole lot of puppy love for her new family!

Bill wrote us to let us know how things are going:

Indy_201605_200pxIndy is adjusting quite well to her new forever home. Coming from the South (Arkansas) she finds that the white fluffy thing called snow is most enjoyable. She is very attentive to “her people” (Becky and I) and she likes to be in the room wherever you are—including underfoot while getting ready for work in the morning! Being a year and a half old, she needs to work on her leash manners. Nothing that an appropriate harness won’t help with, which we purchased very soon after we adopted her. Like many labs before her, she has the genetic disposition to “surf.” While this skill is great at the beach, it is not intended for indoor counters. We even caught her trying to get at a bowl that was in the sink—quite the picture for a petite 50lb lab. Greeting manners are fantastic and she keeps her paws on the ground except when we take her walking harness and leash out of the closet and when we look at, or touch her treat jar. She does like “Miss Kitty” and thinks that she would be fun to play with, however, Miss Kitty thinks otherwise and they have reached somewhat of a common ground with respect to their spaces.

Indy will be enrolling in some “classes” to improve her socialization with her other four legged distant relatives. She seems to be unsure of how she should approach them and her behavior can be unfriendly and unwelcoming to them. Indy was apparently used to quite a bit of heavy “hand play” and we are teaching her this is not an acceptable form or play she will get much more attention without the use of her mouth.

She is a retrieving machine and loves to chase and return the ball (although the “release” or “drop-it” commands need some fine tuning). A few classes and Indy will be a pro in no-time!