Meet Izzy (short for Isabelle, fka Willow). Sarah and Steve were looking for a young, playful lab to add to their family after the loss of their 14 year old wonder dog and former calendar cover boy, Yoshi, in the spring. As the coordinator of the Safe Harbor foster team, Sarah kept an eye out for a dog that might be a good match for their other lab Avery.

“We knew that we wanted a young friend for Avery and also a confident dog who loved people- to help Avery with some of her fears. When we heard about Izzy we thought that even though we had originally been thinking about getting a male dog, her playful nature might be a perfect match. We picked her up from the foster and she was so happy to meet us, rolling on her back and giving us a big smile. We took her home and she and Avery quickly became best friends.”

They wake up at the crack of dawn and play almost nonstop for most the day. Izzy is pretty well- behaved for a young dog, and after a couple training sessions she’s been much more fun to walk on-leash. This is important because we recently moved to the mountains and there are many miles of trails to explore. She loves everyone and will freely give out hugs and kisses and roll over for belly rubs.”