Q: What has one tail, two ears, and three legs?  A: The best boy ever!  That would be Jack, the newest member of Brian, Denyse, and Bobo’s family.  “Four legs, three legs, who’s counting?” woofs Jack. “You wanna race?” he adds with a wink and a wag.  Gorgeous Jack is a 4ish-year-old super-sized gent, who is proving to be a fabulous family Lab and all-around good guy as well as the perfect playmate for his new little big brother, 10-year-old Bobo. 

Jack’s new parents sent us an update:

My wife Denyse and I hosted Oak on May 2, 2024.  We could tell right away he was the one for us.  We adopted him that day and we renamed him Jack.  Jack has been terrific from the moment we adopted him.  Jack only has three legs, so he was very cautious for the first few days until he felt more comfortable walking around our house.  It was shocking to see how fast he can run and how well he gets around.  Around day 4, his personality started to come out, and we felt he knew he was at his forever home.  Our other black Lab Bobo, also a SHLR alum, slowly warmed up to him when he realized Jack was here to stay.

Over time, Jack has become very talkative, especially around breakfast and dinner.  If we don’t feed him in a timely manner, he will bark, start talking to us, or even start spinning in circles!  It’s actually quite funny when he expresses himself.  Jack loves to play in the backyard, chase rabbits out of the yard, and greet everyone who passes by on the walking path behind our house.  He also loves his walks and playing with his new brother Bobo.  Bobo has always been a very happy, sweet boy, but Jack has brought out the kid in him. Jack is a big boy, but he knows Bobo has limits.  He has to be everywhere Bobo is, and he’s very protective of his brother. Jack is a gentle giant, and we continue to marvel at how amazing he is.

Jack loves to be loved, and he always wants to be with all of us.  He has fit in seamlessly, and we are so honored to be his parents. This is our third adoption from SHLR.  We will be forever grateful to have the opportunity to provide a forever home for our beloved black Labs from SHLR!

Many thanks to Andrea and Rich for fostering Jack/Oak!