Five-year-old Jack is quite the Super Dog!  His story is difficult to tell, as he found himself a stray, alone on the streets with several very painful health conditions. But he never let that get him down, and he never lost hope.   New Dad, Matt, admired Jack’s spirit.  On adoption day he wrapped his arms around him, and made Jack a promise to always take care of him.  Matt sent us this recent photo of Jack, showing off one of his favorite sleeping positions.  Matt calls it his Superman pose. Jack

We just had our first anniversary with Jack.  He is doing fantastic and became instant friends with my chocolate Lab, Breck.  His health issues have diminished greatly, although his hips will eventually need some work.  Jack is just a wonderful dog.  I hesitated at first to get an additional dog to share life with as I thought my love would be limited and I wouldn’t have as much to give both dogs.  Boy was I wrong!!  Instead of sharing the love between them, I now have twice the love I ever had and I owe it to “the boys”.  Jack is still a bull (not bully, per se) and makes it worse by being blind in that one eye, but his bullness comes out when he want rubs or scratches on his face.  I tell everyone about Safe Harbor and about where Jack came from.  I will be eternally grateful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.

Jack and Breck