Two weeks ago we said an unexpected goodbye to the “best girlie ever” as she crossed over the rainbow bridge. Jada had a pretty normal day of a walk and ball chasing, so this was a surprise. She would have turned twelve in a few weeks.

Jada joined our family from Safe Harbor when she was eight months old. Supposedly she wouldn’t fetch a ball or walk on a leash. How could she know what to do since she was confined to a crate most of the time? She started fetching a tennis ball on her first night with us, and within a few short days she was giving it back. She became a ball retrieving machine! The leash training took just a little longer, but she was a quick study. She also loved to chase and catch frisbees, swim and ride the waves at the beach, go for walks and hikes, play in the snow, cuddle on the couch and play with our grandkids. She was gentle and loved everyone.

Jada traveled all across the U.S. with us, swam in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and many lakes and rivers in between. She joined us on countless hikes and was always ready for the next adventure. She was our constant companion, and went with us just about everywhere.

May she forever make snow angels, chase tennis balls, catch frisbees and ride the waves. We miss her dearly.