Red Bull and Jager came into rescue together, and they were keeping their paws and tails crossed that they would be able to find a forever home together. Imagine their doggy delight when they learned that Russ and Megan knew that two Labs would be double the fun and were going to add both boys to their family! These two five-year-old handsome and athletic Lab hunks truly hit the jackpot with their new parents and their mountain paradise.

Russ and Megan recently sent us an update:  Jager and Red (formerly Red Bull) are adapting very well to their new life in the mountains with us. In the three months they’ve lived here, they have celebrated their birthdays (with their own cake), protected the house from moose (and the UPS man), and gone on lots of walks to explore the woods around them. They feel like they are the luckiest labs ever because they live right next to TWO lakes that they love to swim in and one day, aspire to catch a fish. They love getting to smell new animal smells daily and have adapted quite nicely to a cooler environment. In fact, when they first came home there was still snow on the ground because of a late snowstorm, and Jager couldn’t get enough of playing in it!

We have really enjoyed getting to know these boys. Both have their quirks–Jager is very offended by seagulls and Red wants to play fetch until he falls over. However, at the end of the day, both dogs are happy to use their new parents as couches to sit on!