Susan and Jim realized they were ready to put the Lab back in their lives when they saw five-year-old Jake’s oh-so-handsome mug smiling out at them from our website page, and the rest is history.  It wasn’t long before Jake officially joined the family and the music created by joyful Lab pawsteps once again filled their home.

Jake’s new mom tells us:

Our house had seemed like a tomb since we lost our last Lab, sweet Aggie.  It has just been the two of us for the last few years.  In the meantime, we busied ourselves transporting rescues across Oklahoma and Kansas.  It just so happened that Jim and I had a trip planned to the Denver area, and two Labs from Oklahoma were headed that way to SHLR. We gladly offered to transport them to Aurora.  Curiosity led us to your website and there he was, Boysen Berry, aka Jake, looking at us with his beautiful eyes, and we immediately fell in love! We proceeded to fill out an application and hoped we still had a chance. His foster, Connie, called us that evening!  A week later we met Jake and instantly knew he was the guy for us. We drove 10 hours home and Jake never whined, cried, or barked! I kept reassuring him, “I promise you are not spending the rest of your life in this van!”

Here it is a month later and our country boy is living the city life in Wichita, Kansas! Jake goes everywhere with us.  He loves his walks, car rides and meeting everyone in the neighborhood.  Oh, and he loves chasing his tennis balls! Once on a walk, he started tugging really hard on his lead.  We couldn’t figure out what he wanted until we saw a yard full of tennis balls! His evenings are spent cuddling on the couch with us.  Five-year-old Jake is so loving, an incredibly handsome fellow, blindingly smart and very curious. Right now I can see his nose peeking and sniffing over the kitchen counter!  We love his Lab energy and he has brought life back into our house. His typical Lab antics have us laughing and active again. He is everything Connie promised and so much more.  Jim and I look at one another and realize, “We have won the lottery!”  Thank you SHLR for loving and getting Jake healthy until we arrived to bring him home with us.  Our hearts are full again.

P.S.  Jake passed the Kansas thunder and lightning test with a simple sigh, rolled over and fell back to sleep!