At 7ish-years-old, jaunty Jake is not ready to rest on his laurels, or even his dog bed. This spicy, salt-and-pepper haired boy loves nothing more than a good game of tag with the neighborhood critters or hitting the trails with his wonderful new parents. Jake, fka Jackson, spent quite a while learning about the good life and perfecting his family Lab skills with his fabulous foster family before Donna and Ray came along and swept him off his paws and into his forever home. As he surveys his new property and spies yet another trespassing squirrel in need of a stern Lab lecture, Jake wags contentedly and has no doubt that his new life was well worth the wait.

Jakes new parents write: SHLR Jackson, now called Jake, is our new adopted 7-year-old Lab/Pointer mix…. a smaller guy at 60 pounds. We think he is part Pointer dog because as soon as he saw a rabbit he paused, stared and instinctively pointed at the rabbit before chasing it. GREAT DOG!! Smart and full of energy for a 7-year-old dog. Jake loves to go on long walks (2-3 miles). We plan on taking him hiking our Colorado mountain trails later this year.

Jake loves his new family by always giving us kisses. He loves running around his new half-acre backyard playing with us and chasing squirrels and rabbits. We are dog lovers who have always adopted older Lab mixes over the past 13 years, giving all of them a safe, comfortable, forever loving home. As a new member of our family, we will give him unconditional love forever. WE LOVE YOU JAKE!!