Handsome Jake is an avid outdoorsman or rather outdoors dog. His active lifestyle knows no bounds, whether in the neighborhood or at the top of Colorado’s tallest peaks. When not pursuing his recreational activities, this two-year-old black Lab keeps a strict Labrador schedule at home. Responsibilities include maintaining safe backyards (with his canine sister), fueling for adventures, and connecting with loved ones.

Jake’s humans sent us the following update:

Hello!  Jake (formerly Trigger) is doing great! It’s been six months and he has settled in wonderfully. He gets daily walks and has gone for some really nice hikes, including what we think is his first fourteener, Mt. Huron! Jake loves to be outdoors and even gets some off-leash time in the nearby green space. He loves to run beneath the trees and splash in the creek and is an enthusiastic swimmer.

At home with his big little sister, Maggie, he happily patrols the backyard for squirrels and the occasional skunk (oops! he’s fine though!). Once Jake has had his daily adventures, and of course his super-yummy dog food, he’s ready to curl up in the softest spot he can find near his people for some naptime. He’s everything to love about a Lab: smart and silly, sporty and sweet. Thank you so much for connecting us with Jake. He just might be perfect!

Thanks to Colleen and Felix for fostering Jake!