After the recent loss of her beloved 15-year-old Lab, Kathy was looking for the next Lab love of her life.  Along came Jake, a gorgeous 3ish-year-old pup with a sleek black coat and a twinkle in his big brown eyes, and Kathy knew that she had found her new four-legged family member.  Kathy sent us this wonderful update on life with Jake:

I’m happy to write about Jake!  He is a joy… plain and simple.  Jake is a mellow boy especially considering he is only somewhere between 2-3 years old!  It has been so sweet getting to know him and his gentle ways.  As we walk the neighborhood morning, noon and night we have this area and also enjoyed a nearby park that has lots of good sniffing to be done!  Jake has charmed each and every person he meets and aside from his friendly manner, he is a very handsome fellow.  As a glimpse of his sweet personality: while downstairs cleaning for company last week, he melted my heart anew by curling up on the stairwell and waiting patiently for me to finish!

An interesting “quirk” about Jake is that when I am brushing my teeth or getting ready in the morning he will jump into the bathtub on his own!?!?  And, the other night he actually went in and slept in the tub instead of his bed!!  I think the coolness of the porcelain must feel pretty good during the summer heat.  A smart boy!Jake New Beginnings

I feel so very fortunate to have worked with SHLR to find this wonderful spirit and say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!