Some say Italian eating is an art.  To five-year-old Forte, it may be a sport.  This dreamy female chocolate has already found the tricks of counter surfing and the rewards of being a good student in dog school.  New to the structure of having a loving forever family, Forte looks to her mentor, her new sister Dolce.  Her athleticism is not restricted to eating—she is up there with the best of ball players.  Forte is strong, but she still wants and needs the support from Donna and Dan!

Donna gave us an update:

We renamed “Juniper” aka “Jasmine,” “Forte.”   Forte means strong in Italian, which is a good fit for her, as she must have been strong to get to where she is today.    It is clear that everyone hasn’t always been nice to her, as she cringes sometimes when you try to pat her on the shoulder, and she is still wary of men she doesn’t know.   She gets braver and braver with new people every day.   She is soooo loving and affectionate with Dan and me.    She tries really hard to give us a bath with her tongue any time she is close to us.

Forte has a real love affair with food, probably because she didn’t have enough at one time.  It is good and bad.   She and I (Donna) are working with a dog trainer, particularly to come on command.   She is very trainable, because she is so food motivated.    Show her a treat, and she will try to do anything.   However, we have to keep a dog gate across the kitchen entrance, or else she will clear the counter looking for or eating any food.  She is learning to respect the dog gate, and ask for permission before entering the kitchen, but it is still a work in progress.  Also, show her a ball, and she can chase it all day long.   It is her favorite part of the day, along with her walks and making friends at the dog park.

She is trying very hard to be the perfect dog.   She watches and follows her big sis, Dolce, everywhere and mimics what she does.   She and Dolce are already best friends, even though Forte is still learning how to play.    She has an almost human like stare with those beautiful hazel eyes, and when she looks in your eyes, it is impossible not to love her.   We feel so fortunate that we found her, and that she found us.   

Thanks to Les B for Fostering and Joe H fostering and facilitating!