At five-years-old and all alone, Jasper had been around the block a few times; but now when he ventures out and about he has his very own mom, Amy, safely attached to the other end of his leash.  With his homeless days behind him, Jasper is enjoying every minute of his new life as the much loved and cherished four-legged head of household in his new abode.  He doesn’t much care what activities are on the calendar for the day, just as long as his fabulous new mom is close by. 

Amy writes: After my 12-year-old lab died this past spring, the house was too quiet (and eerily fur free).  I wasn’t sure when I would be ready to bring a new dog into my life, but I knew I wanted to rescue a lab who was on the senior side of life.  Age does wonders for a lab! I started keeping an eye on the available dogs at Safe Harbor and knew I needed to meet Jasper (formerly known as Zane) as soon as I saw his picture and read his profile.   When I went to my meet and greet with Jasper’s foster mom, the first thing he did was hop up on the sofa, snuffle my face and then plopped down next to me like we had been old friends.  Needless to say, his sweet, people- loving personality won me over instantly!

Jasper has been with me for a month now and the house feels like home again.  He settled right in on day one and he’s happy to be anywhere I am, especially if that is on the couch with one of his stuffed toys!  We’ve been enjoying lots of walks around the neighborhood so Jasper can be less anxious in his new urban environment and work on interacting with other dogs.  Every day I am amazed at his resilient spirit as he relaxes more and more into his forever home.  We start obedience classes in two weeks!

I could not have asked for a sweeter, happier dog than Jasper.  I feel so lucky to have found him and grateful to Safe Harbor for providing me the chance to give him a great home.