We adopted Jax (FKA Jaxson) in late March 2020. He is our second SHLR adoption. From the get-go he was the perfect addition to our family. He is full of energy and loves chasing us around the woods running, mountain biking, Nordic skiing and skinning. We are also fortunate to take him to a ranch once a week where he loves exploring the pastures, following us on horseback rides and playing with the horses, donkeys, ponies and camels. At home he loves to nap and cuddle. He’s a very food motivated dog so training was pretty easy. As with most labs he’s eager to please, and more eager when a treat is on the line.

It took almost a year to write this because we wanted it to be a full success story. The gist of Jax’s back story is he was found abandoned, living on the streets. So, once he was accepted into the family, he had severe separation anxiety, which came with some destructive actions when left alone. Fortunately, this was the COVID year, so we were working from home most of the time. This gave us a lot of time to slowly build his confidence that being alone did not mean he was being abandoned again.

I am happy to report that with the help of Behavior Vets of Colorado we have successfully worked through Jax’s separation issues. With work schedules returning to normal Jax has a routine that allows him to be comfortable and confident when home alone.

We are thrilled to have this active, loving, affectionate, gentle and goofy dog as a member of our family.

The Bechtel Family