Cathy, Matt, and their two boys recently lost their 11.5-year-old black Lab, Annie, who was adopted from Safe Harbor ten years ago.  Annie’s passing left a Lab-sized hole in the family, and, although she can never be replaced, they wanted to find a special young Lab to follow in her pawsteps and be a new buddy for their senior Lab, Earl.   Along came young Jerry to apply for the position, and they were unable to resist the charms of this two-year-old chocolate-coated rapscallion with a twinkle in his eye, a wag in his tail, love in his heart, and recess on his mind.
Jerry’s new parents sent us an update on life with their new pup:  Jerry (formerly known as Slider) is our second Safe Harbor Lab joining his new family of Earl (13.5 yellow lab), Jack, Max, Cathy and Matt.  Jerry is the sweetest, best-natured lab with a few terrible manners.  He is learning to keep all four on the floor and ALL four off the dining room table at the same time.  Yep, he’s jumped right on up a few times!  Jerry is settling into our active family lifestyle of running and hiking, but still learning to be a little quieter in the car.  The first few trips have been a bit loud.  Jerry is teaching us his language and loves for us to get on the floor to “discuss” things.  He is 95% pure lover and 5% crazy puppy bouncing off of everything in sight.  Jerry has supplied us with many things to laugh about along with his constant unconditional loving ways.  He has definitely found his forever, Lab-loving family.
Many thanks to Rhonda and everyone at Canine Fitness and Fun, and to Kim L., for fostering Jerry/Slider