Jett2Charlie, now known as Jett, is a big, beautiful Lab, but at just 18 months old he’s still just a pup, with a lot left to learn. Jett has settled into his new home and is excelling at his lessons, as his new parents are busily teaching their young dog new tricks. It’s definitely not all work and no play for this boy, and his new big sister and BFF, Epi, a 2 1/2-year-old Husky, is his favorite playmate of all. With frequent outdoor family adventures on his calendar, along with daily play dates with Epi and snuggle sessions with mom and dad, Jett tells us that every day of his new life is the best day ever.

Jett’s new mom writes: When I drove to get Jett I knew I made the right choice because I couldn’t stop smiling and my dog was howling out the window. It’s crazy how she recognized Jett’s street after just one play date!! On the way home Jett went shopping and got a new Christmas collar, warm sweater, and his very own stocking for gifts.

In his first week home we learned he is excellent at hiking and soon will have his own lil backpack for treats and toys. He loves playing in the snow and sledding with us which gives him adorable frozen whiskers. He absolutely loves his big sister and they play constantly. He knows how to share toys and play tug-o-war with her. He is learning fun tricks quickly and is very smart. He likes the “hug me” & “army crawl” tricks the best. Loose leash walking is a challenge but I can tell he’s trying hard and is eager to please. He’ll get it soon, I’m sure, with enough patience!!

Jett is such a happy go lucky sweetheart that truly believes he is a lap dog. As big a boy as he is, we’ll let him continue to think that and cuddle him every day.