Despite being irresistibly, adorably handsome, seven-month-old Jett is still a very modest young fellow who doesn’t like to brag (much), but he can’t help woofing about his fantastic new life. You see, Jett has joined Doug and Corrine’s family, and in addition to having the best new parents he could have ever hoped for, he also has a new job! Yep. This industrious young fellow packs a lunch, catches a ride with Dad, and reports for work each day at the fly shop, where he diligently carries out his duties as the new CGO, aka Chief Greeting Officer.

Doug tells us: “Corrine and I have been talking about getting a dog since we got married in September of 2015. We were finally settled in a little house in Englewood and decided we were ready to adopt a pup of our own. We looked at a few dog profiles on SHLR and saw Jett. We fell for those cute little eyes and ears when we looked through his profile. When we met Jett we immediately fell in love with him on the front lawn of his foster home. It was clear that he was a gentle little puppy who wanted nothing but love and snuggles. Corrine and I couldn’t leave him behind that day so we took him home right away. Jett is getting settled at home with his doggy bed and plentiful toys. He loves playing with all of the dogs over at my moms house where he can get what we call his “pack time”. However he is always ready to come home to his quiet little spot in our home with just us. Jett has filled our hearts, especially when he jumps up on the bed in the morning to lick our faces and snuggle watching TV at night. The little man has also stolen the hearts of the customers that visit with him on a daily basis in the fly shop that he now “works at”. All in all, we feel we have found the perfect little pup for our family and couldn’t be happier.”

Thanks again to all the foster parents and volunteers from SHLR for helping Jett connect with his forever family.