Seven-month-old Jetta has had more on her young plate than any Lab puppy deserves. A breeder-release destined to become “breeding stock”, she was taken to an emergency vet hospital in shock from a hormonal imbalance, and diagnosed with Addison’s disease, a serious, but treatable condition. A week’s hospitalization was needed to make sure she was recovering well, and medications were at the proper level.

Just as she began to enjoy a happy and enriching life with her loving vet tech medical foster mom, Jetta became critically ill with parvovirus, a life-threatening illness for puppies who have not been properly vaccinated. Her care is complicated by her earlier diagnosis of Addison’s disease.

Jetta was in the intensive care unit at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital receiving state of the art medical care including a plasma transfusion for almost a week.  She had a guarded prognosis, but we are very happy to report she survived and is looking forward to a well-loved life in a forever home.

Our veterinary partners for Jetta’s care are: Alameda East Veterinary Hospital  and Four Seasons Veterinary Specialists.

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