Remembering Joey…joey-1

Safe Harbor called one evening to say, “We have a dog for you, and we know you two are the best people to adopt him!” Uh, Oh…

Joey was picked up in Lamar, Colorado as a stray and ended up in their local pound – he was due to be euthanized until a Lamar resident came to his rescue and called a Safe Harbor volunteer. Joey was transported to Alameda East Vet Clinic where he recuperated over a two month period. He and Dr. Jeff Steen became “best buds.” It was obvious Joey had been “on the lam” for quite awhile. He weighed 58 lbs,  had heartworm disease, was not neutered, had  infected fly “strikes” on both ears, fleas, and teeth that needed surgery.  Dr. Steen pegged him a mix of Yellow Lab and some sort of hound.

We visited Joey in his foster home and immediately fell in love – and took him home that afternoon. The three of us spent 4 wonderful, crazy, fun  years together. Not only was he fed 3 times a day, but he counter-surfed regularly, napped on our bed with us most every afternoon  – a retired threesome  (no pun intended). He was a perfect traveler in the “way-back” of our Subaru. Took us 2 occasions to learn not to leave bagels in the front seat – slow learners, we were!

A couple of months ago Joey had a Grand Mal seizure.  His neurologist at Alameda East diagnosed a probable brain tumor and prescribed  medications. Joey, at age 13, did well until August 24th – 3 more hard seizures. With support from the Alameda East’s caring and knowledgeable staff, we accompanied Joey to the foot of Rainbow Bridge and told him a tearful goodbye.   Joey, you will never be forgotten.

Roy and Ginny Smith  8-26-2016

Here is a wonderful story about Joey that was written for Subaru magazine 12/2017.