Emily is a lifelong Lab lover with a special affinity for senior dogs. In other words, she was a dream come true for our lovely Lab lady of a certain age, the indomitable Ms. Jolie. Don’t let the 13 candles on Jolie’s last birthday cake fool you, because while there may be a generous helping of glorious gray hairs gracing her muzzle, Jolie can still give the youngsters a run for their money. This grand dame is brimming with life and love, and she’s enjoying sharing both every day with her fantastic new forever family.

Jolie’s new mom writes:  I’ve always loved dogs and especially to rescue labs. Even more, I love providing a great, loving home to older dogs; they are a hidden treasure that are often overlooked. For my fourth lab to rescue, I was looking for an older lab with a great spirit to join my lab, Maggie Mae who is nine. Then Jolie came along.

When Jolie became available for adoption, I was thrilled that the timing was right. As soon as I met Jolie I knew it was the right fit. At 13, she has more energy than just about any lab I’ve had. She even had full medical records, which was a treat compared to all the strays I’ve had.

She has the same demeanor as Maggie Mae, with a kind heart and an nonthreatening spirit. She settled right in despite her just having surgery for laryngeal paralysis (which Maggie Mae also has). She loves to play ball, cozy in her dog bed next to me and following her nose to wherever it will take her. After having her for a few weeks, there isn’t a day that goes by that Jolie doesn’t make me laugh with her goofiness. We are so grateful to have Jolie in our lives to play and cuddle and follow scents where they take her.

Thank you, Emily and Maggie Mae, for bringing Ms. Jolie into your family and making sure she will be loved and cherished throughout her golden years.