Julia has joined Dana and Jeff’s family, and this pretty pup is loving being half of the resident blonde Lab “pawer” couple, along with her new big brother, 9-year-old, Jackson. At just 1.5 years-old, young Julia still has more school days and study halls ahead of her, but along with soaking up the patient love and training her new parents are providing, she is eagerly lapping up all the knowledge being passed down by her wise and wonderful big brother.

Dana writes: “Three months or so after our adoption, here is an update on our baby, Julia: It was unfortunate that we had to put her through TPLO, but the surgery went great and we definitely see a more playful and robust puppy. She is keen on her walks with her older brother Jackson, and they love hanging out together. It is endearing to see how much Julia watches Jackson and tries to imitate him at times. Her sweet personality won us all over – we are still working through some puppy behaviors, which is expected, but she is a giddy happy girl, very affectionate and endearing – a wonderful addition to our family. We are very happy and thrilled to have Julia with us.”