Puppies and parrots, oh my!  After the loss of the family’s beloved senior Lab, Jake the parrot had ruled the roost at Ted and Donna’s house until a seven-month-old puppy named June arrived and gave him a little woof-back of her own.  Luckily, no feathers were ruffled and the two soon became pals.  Meanwhile, June has been soaking up the love from her new parents and even finding a bit of time to study up on manners and lessons and other grown-up dog things, as she works hard to become the very best little Lab girl she can be.   

 Ted and Donna tell us:  June is such a sweetheart most of the time.  She has many toys but loves tennis balls and chew bones. She loves her new home as much as we love her being here. We also have an African Grey Parrot named Jake.  Jake has been with us since he was a baby in 1986 and has always squawked at new things coming near him.  When June got here, she looked at him wondering what that was in the cage.  She went over to introduce herself to him, and he squawked which June answered with a barrage of barking. They are pretty good friends now. Jake found he could not intimidate June as she would bark him down. 

June loves to come up and sit in my lap or right at my feet.  June has learned some things, but we are still working on her social graces.  She goes crazy in the company of anything new.  She is still a puppy, and some social grace is not in her vocabulary just yet. In the three weeks she’s been here she has learned a lot, and she knows she is loved here.