Three-month-old Kailua, formally known as Licorice, is crazy cute!  This frisky boy has a ton of energy, that no doubt can get him into trouble.  Kailua hit the Lab jackpot when he was adopted by Joe and his son Chase.  Joe had always wanted a black Lab, and loved the idea of rescuing one in need of a good home.  He learned quickly how to tame Kailua’s wild spirit in the best way possible.  Hours of rambunctious fun, measured with structure, discipline and a lot of love.  We are thrilled that Kailua will grow up knowing that his forever home, is with Joe and Chase. 
Kailua and his family sent along these photos and an update on how things are going.  I love my family and my new life! I can’t get enough of Joe, my dad, and Chase, my brother, as we have grown close as a family in my forever home.  We have been on adventures: I climbed a mountain and played in snow above timberline in July; I sat on a patio and enjoyed a live band; I love playing in my backyard and chasing squirrels and playing fetch, something I do very well. Kailua 2
As a puppy, I still have a lot to learn.  I respond well to a few commands, I am housebroken and am able to communicate basic needs and wants to my family and friends.  I still need to work on impulse control, especially when it comes to jumping on people and chewing on them.  I even chew and nip when I shake hands, a new trick I learned.  Because my family takes such care with me, I haven’t chewed anything I am not supposed to…yet.  I am even getting used to my kennel!
Thank you Safe Harbor for finding me an awesome forever home!
-Kailua (my name means “two seas” in Hawaiian)