Adorable five-year-old Kaycee recently went from foster to forever when she found her home with Kim, Dean and Lily. Kaycee’s new mom tells her story:

Kaycee’s (K.C.) New Beginning: Lily, Dean, and Kim were so lucky to become a Foster Family a number of years ago for SHLR. We became “foster failures” with our very first foster, a black Lab named Cheyenne. We sadly and very suddenly lost Cheyenne in February of 2017. Our hearts were broken, especially for 10-year-old Lily. Cheyenne was her Best Friend!! We were not ready to adopt again at the time, so we put ourselves back into the foster program, and over the next year and a half we fostered and found forever homes for about 10 awesome and amazing labs. We feel spoiled that we were able to love on all those doggies and are grateful they came into our home. With all these pooches, we were able to really see what we wanted in our next “Forever Rescued Lab.”

The time finally came that we knew, and Lily was determined, to find our next Lab. Along came Kaycee, and right away we knew she was a keeper. Her beautiful chocolate coat, her little bit sad, but hopeful eyes, and her eagerness to learn and please had us at “Hello!” Kaycee has made herself at home rather quickly and has learned so many new things. She knows to lay in her crate while the family eats dinner, she heals without a leash while walking on trails and LOVES to play catch. She has even learned to tolerate and love the foster kittens that come in and out of our home. She has not made friends with the resident Holland Lop bunny and would rather instinctually chase her than be her friend. Seems that Dean has made himself known as the Alpha in the family. Kaycee is his constant companion with the nickname Shadow, as she is always in Dean’s shadow. Lily is her next favorite human and will sleep with and watch over Lily each and every night. Mom is 3rd in line for love, but she gets the pleasure of spending the days with Kaycee. They go on walks, play catch and are buddies in the kitchen as Kaycee loves to make sure anything that falls on the floor is cleaned up right away.

We are so happy to have Kaycee as part of our family and love the joy she brings into our home. Our hearts are healed a bit after losing our Cheyenne.