After the loss of their beloved SHLR Lab, Wrangler, late last year, Jon and Ed were missing the pitter-patter of Lab paws around the house and recently decided they were ready to look for a new family member.  The lucky Lab who caught their eye was beautiful little seven-month-old Sadie. Now known as Kelsi, this sweet little pup is settling in and doing her puppy best to keep her dads amused and on their toes as she soaks up all the love and lessons she needs to grow up to be a well-rounded family Lab.  Kelsi

Kelsi’s dads write:  Kelsi has been a great addition to our family. As she has become more comfortable in her surroundings she is expressing more of her personality. She loves going on car rides (especially to daycare!). She is a very enthusiastic and sometime mischievous puppy, doing random things that make us laugh everyday. She is also a smart little girl, learning sit, shake, other paw and stay very quickly.