Kershaw_201605_250pxCruiser is now known as Kershaw, and this fun loving, tail wagging, two-year-old boy has found doggy heaven on earth in his new home with Tara and Chris. Tara tells their story…My husband Chris and I have wanted a dog for a very long time, but we told ourselves that we would not get one unless we had a big, beautiful back yard for them to play in. This past year we finally found the perfect house and knew that it was time to start putting the wheels in motion. I made a deal with my husband that when we did get a dog that his name would have to be Kershaw, for short Kersh, after my favorite baseball player Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers (luckily he loved it!).

Kershaw_201605_200pxWe were initially interested in another dog on the website who at that point was already set to meet a family and Sherri with SHLR suggested we meet with Kersh (who wasn’t even up on the site yet!). Before we met him we were told that he just was neutered and might be a little groggy from the drugs…then he came barreling around the corner. This handsome man has not slowed down since. Our main concern when we brought him home was how he and our cat would get along together. He has been a model citizen when it comes to giving her space when she needs it and never chasing her! She definitely loves to sneak up on him when he is sleeping for a closer look and they even do treats in the morning and evening together! Kersh loves to run around the backyard, going on hikes (is in the process of getting his voice and sight tag!), lounging in his bed, and making the trip to the local dog friendly brewery! He has been such a welcome addition to our home and we couldn’t be happier with the way SHLR helped us find our boy!