Batman and King2Bubba, a gorgeous two-year-old black Lab, is home with his new mom, Robin, and his new brother, Batman, and they are all thrilled to have found each other — this sounds like a match made in Lab heaven.

Bubba (now King) and Batman’s wonderful mom, Robin, tells their story:
Batman and Robin are the best team ever — of course! But when Robin found out Batman (a 3-year-old lab) had seizures, she was committed to doing whatever she could to give him the best life possible. Fortunately, she was able to get the seizures under control with medicine but lately Batman, wasn’t his normal happy self – he was hiding under the bed almost 23 hours a day!

At doctor recommendation, the Dynamic Duo decided to expand their family to three, and contacted Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. Best decision ever!

Batman and KingSHLR was very thorough in their interview process, which really meant a lot. After some discussion with Sherri, she suggested that we might want to meet King (Bubba). After that, things moved really fast! The absolutely wonderful foster family called on December 8th, and that very evening he joined Batman and Robin in his new home.

Right away we knew that we had found a new family member. He made himself comfortable right away, and had such a proud beautiful face, that we could only (re)name him King! Plus, it was the holidays, so it seemed more than appropriate.

Since then Batman and King have settled in extremely well, and Batman no longer hides under the bed. Sometimes they annoy each other…just like typical siblings! King has also been up to Steamboat to see his GrandPuppyParents. He loves running in the wide open spaces, but is SO good about coming when called.

King has been a gift to our family. We may have “rescued” him, but he has rescued us in return. And the love we have for him is endless. Sorry… getting a bit sappy here, but it is all true. We love our King!


Batman, Robin and King

PS – whoever gave up this amazing dog has to be the most selfless person ever – hugs and love to them for doing what they thought