When five-month-old Kira came to us she weighed a mere 15 pounds. Lethargic, with little appetite, vomiting and chronic diarrhea, she was one struggling and sick little girl. The emergency room vet at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital immediately performed an ultrasound. It revealed she had an intussusception — an inflammation of the intestines causing a portion of the intestine to slip out of its normal place and fold in on itself. A blockage had formed. The cause was likely due to damage from untreated intestinal parasites.

Kira needed life-saving major abdominal surgery; the surgeon removed nine inches of damaged intestines. This remarkable pup rebounded from her ordeal in no time from her ordeal under the care of her medical foster. Now Kira is frisky, has a voracious appetite, is safely gaining weight and is all a Lab puppy can be!

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