Tails and tongues are wagging about the fabulous new life Kirby is leading, all thanks to his new mom and BFF, Francie.  At nine-years-old, Kirby is thrilled to be starting this new adventure, and can’t believe what a lucky boy he is to have been chosen for the great honor of being the four-legged greeting and cuddling committee “chairdog” in his fabulous new home. For possibly the first time ever, sweet Kirby knows that the best days of his life are yet to come and he looks forward to each and every one.

Francie sent an update on life with Kirby: I lost my precious Golden, Ella, in September and I was devastated – she was my heart dog. It took me a few months before I could even think about opening my heart to another rescue. When I was ready I reached out to Safe Harbor.  I fostered three Labs and came close to adopting one of them.  As each of them left, a piece of my heart went with them.  I had been eyeing Kirby for a while but I had travel obligations so I wasn’t able to commit to adoption.  Also, my heart was pretty raw but I talked to his Foster Mom (who is amazing) and asked if I could do foster to adopt.  I only had Kirby for about a day and I knew he was never leaving.  He is the sweetest pup, so easy going, very verbal, a great cuddler and as good as a boy can be.   When I come home he howls for about 5 minutes, kisses me over and over — best love you could ever ask for. 

I am so lucky to have Kirby with me. I think we were meant to be together.  While no one can ever replace my Ella, Kirby has filled the hole in my heart with so much love and joy.   Thank you, Safe Harbor for rescuing this amazing pup, and bringing him into my life.