That tall, handsome stranger with the long ears and puppy-dog eyes who moved into Pam and Lee’s place is none other than Safe Harbor alumnus Kirby.  At about 1.5 years old, Kirby was still a little green behind those fabulous ears when he arrived, but he’s a quick learner who soon learned the lay of the land and made himself an indispensable and beloved family member.
Pam and Lee sent us an update on their boy:
Kirby (AKA Banks) came to live with us last fall. He is a sweet, gentle boy and remarkably calm for a young dog. We noticed fairly soon that he was very different from any of our previous labs. He has long skinny legs, long ears, skinny body and a curly tail. He loves to play with balls but shows no inclination for retrieving. He frequently looks at his food, walks away and comes back sometime later to eat it. He also sleeps late every morning and is never the first one up. He loves car rides and frequent trips to the dog park to run and play with other dogs.

Our daughter gave us a dog DNA kit and when the results came in we found out that Kirby is a coonhound and has no lab DNA at all!  It wasn’t a complete surprise as we had seen Kirby single-mindedly tracking scent. At any rate, we love our coonhound and think he is the absolute best!

Many thanks to Linda B. for fostering Kirby/Banks!