There’s always a retriever party going on at Janet and Bill’s house now that one-year-old Kirby has joined his new siblings, Jazz and Chip, at the doggie table. Kirby is a rakishly handsome, good-natured, yellow fellow  who has charmed the entire family and quickly become everyone’s favorite play pal. These days, in between cuddle and kibble time, Kirby’s calendar is filled with hikes, swims, and other outdoor adventures, and this energetic youngster can hardly believe his Lab luck at finding such an active, loving family to call his very own.

Janet and Bill tell us:

Kirby came into our lives when we needed an active playmate for our 1.2-year-old black Lab, Jazz, who was wearing us out with playing most of the day and annoying our 10-year-old Chessie, Chip. As soon as I saw Kirby’s picture and read his story, I said YES…I want him, and it’s been a perfect fit with our family. Kirby is a big loving goof and plays all day with Jazz while Chip looks on with admiration for the resting time he loves, and he even gets involved and plays along. They all love going on hiking and fishing trips and love to swim in the rivers and lakes. I can’t say thank you enough for what Safe Harbor does for these lost dogs and finds them a loving forever home. Thank You!

Many thanks to Pat for fostering Kirby!