Poor little guy sat in the back of the group of pups that greeted us when we came in…polite, quiet, a little scared, way under weight and those amber eyes, it was instant. Kooper (Kipper then) jumped into the back of the car, looked around, and jumped right back out! No way people, who are you where are we going and where’s a stick we can play with…..nothing changed for the ten wonderful years we shared with him.

Strong health and vigor (after a diagnosis of Addison’s disease, but Kooper was a trooper, shots and meds just meant more play and a treat or twelve afterwards), a complete character, beautiful soul and personality, love on four legs, inquisitive, way too smart for us and so open to new experiences, exploration and enjoyment. He taught us a lot, patience, goofy laughter, the right we all have to stare into space and just be ourselves, invaluable lessons he allowed us to learn. We learned of his illness and were with him when he passed all within 36 hours, he was brave, strong and comfortable as it should be.

A Christmas picture is attached, his favorite…..tons of stuff to rip apart, great junk food to counter surf and happy humans all around, the love of a pup is a gift for life. Thank you Safe Harbor Lab Rescue and the wonderful people that make families complete.