If you have the time and dedication to give a Foster Lab the attention, exercise, socializing, and love they deserve, you can be an invaluable foster resource. Each Lab is an individual, and each foster experience is unique. Our volunteer Medical Team and Foster Home Support Coordinators are here to support you along the way.
Our Rescued Labs vary in gender, age, and color. We get very few young puppies. Each has a unique personality and often we know little of their past life. Most are happy souls who need some basic training and TLC.
It varies–anywhere from a few days to several months depending on the Lab and the applicant pool at given time.
We will make arrangements to temporarily house your Foster Lab while you are away.
Safe Harbor Lab Rescue will cover all necessary and prior approved veterinary costs for Foster Labs. Our Medical Coordinator will discuss the issues with you and then schedule an appointment for you to take your Foster Lab to one of our veterinary partners.
You can usually feed your Foster Lab whatever good quality food you are currently feeding your own dogs. If you need assistance with purchasing food, we will help.
Most times, an adjustment period of several days is needed for any Foster Lab-after all, the Lab has probably been through some emotional or even physical trauma. We do expect that your personal dogs are stable, socially appropriate, spay/neutered family pets. We will provide information on safe introductions and how to integrate your Foster Lab into your home. We can also help you with ongoing advice and, if needed, assistance from one of our positive-oriented training/behaviorist partners. If you decide you cannot continue fostering, we respect your decision and we will find another foster home.
Because Safe Harbor Lab Rescue does not have a facility, we depend completely on foster homes to care for our Rescued Labs until they find their adoptive home. Without fosters, we could not save the lives of over 250 Labs that we rescue each year!