Our 10-year-old fox red beauty, Lady, has joined lovely 12-year-old, Suzie, and these two Lab ladies who lunch, are enjoying their retirement to the fullest in the loving care and company of their fabulous mom, Lynne. Suzie had been lonely ever since her previous canine companion passed away, and she is enjoying once again having a four-legged family member to walk and woof and gossip with. Of course, both girls agree that nothing is better than having mom right by their side, whether snuggling at home, playing in the yard, or going on neighborhood tours as a family.

Lady’s new mom writes: I was thrilled to hear from you and being asked to share a short story of our new life with Lady. It was love at first sight for Lady and me and also with my older girl, Suzie. Lady is a sweet girl with a funny personality. We laugh and have a great time every day. She is getting over her trauma of riding in vehicles. She loves going on our walks most every day, and if we miss one her face expresses her disappointment but she cuddles in and forgives me. I can’t thank you all enough for bringing Lady into our lives.

Our thanks to Lynne and Suzie for making room in their hearts and home to give this lovely senior Lady the golden forever after that she deserves.