Lady is fitting right in and is just one of the girls in her new home, which she shares with mom, Judy, and two Pug damsels, 13-year-old Stella and 5-year-old Maisy. Lady’s days have been filled with summer fun as she perfects her dog paddle during refreshing swim sessions, and polishes her lounging skills at home. This lovely 5-year-old black Lab girl is having the time of her life, and she looks forward to every new fun and family-filled day.

Judy sent us an update on life with Lady: Lady is enjoying life with her two pug “sisters”. She loves to play out on the trail with other dogs as well. Despite her arthritis, Lady runs, jumps, and has discovered swimming! She is always determined to retrieve the tennis ball thrown out into the pond. At home, Lady has staked her claim to a section of the sofa, and doesn’t seem to mind sharing with Stella, Maisy, and myself. The pugs have found a solution to being slapped in the face with Lady’s tail – they sit on it! I couldn’t have found a better addition to our family than Lady!

Thank you SHLR, for my second wonderful adoption over the years.