Some people have trouble with their co-workers—that is not the case when your colleague is four year old Layla.  A curious yellow Labrador, Layla helps Rich and Sheryl in all aspects of the business at hand. She also knows when it’s time to play and is not subtle in letting Rich know.  Layla is an attentive learner and loves the perks her new job provides—food, bed cuddles, and a good brushing.

Rich and Sheryl share their initial performance review:
From Rich:  We are thrilled to have Layla as part of our family.  She is the sweetest, most gentle soul you would ever meet.  She goes with us everywhere, loves to ride in the car, and going to the park. She has made many friends, both K-9 and human, in our first three weeks with her. She really wants to play with other dogs, but that will have to wait until she masters other skills first.  She’s currently learning how to walk on a leash without pulling me into the bushes, her basic commands (“come now” most importantly), and using the dog door.  She loves being in my office with me all day, but when the weather is nice, I leave the door to the backyard open, and she comes and goes whenever she wants, enjoying the freedom to choose.  When I’m working on the computer and she wants attention, she just flips the keyboard tray back under the desk with her nose.  I pull it out, she flips it back, I pull it out, she flips it back.  It’s hilarious. She’s a sloppy drinker, so the wood floors get wiped up frequently. She’s always happy to help with any project I have going, like cleaning the Koi pond, or raking leaves out of the flower beds.

From Sheryl:   Layla has been a comfort and a joy.  She is always learning about how things work around here, and has a natural cheerfulness about her that makes us smile.  We enjoy cuddling in the bed every night, but she is not stubborn about moving to the end when it is time to sleep.  The same good manners apply during mealtimes, when she is interested about the preparation of food, but does not beg for bits from the table.  We are dedicated to keeping her healthy, so all her meals and treats are offered via her food dish or away from the dining table, per vet’s recommendations. I noticed that even when she is spending lots of time with Rich in his office, she will occasionally come find me elsewhere in the house as if to ‘check in.’  She’ll get her ears or back scratched or a kiss on the nose, then back to ‘work.’  This is going to make it easier to brush her every day when her winter coat starts to shed.

Thanks to Sarah and Steve for fostering and facilitating Layla’s adoption!