Hi amazing rescue group! I adopted Leilani in January 2013, shortly after my Jack Russell died. Alisa Lund was her foster mom. I’ve been in contact with her.

Leilani and I at first we had to work at the adjustment. She was nervous and scared of almost everything. The ceiling fans, narrow spaces, the sound of the crate as she walked in. Since then she has gotten a great deal of support and training. She did doggie boot camp in August 2013 to get her manners under control. She had basic commands reinforced. She was clicker trained in addition to other tasks. She was very reactive on the leash so we have continued to work on that.

It was noted her knees in hind end were causing some issues. Laxity, limping, etc. My dad, a veterinary radiologist and I X-rayed them and it was determined she would need surgery on both. She had bilateral TPLOs first in December 2013 and second in March 2014. Recovery went well!

While I was initially told she had hip dysplasia in her left hip. This in fact was not the case. It is rarely if ever unilateral as it is congenital in nature. Turns out the initial X-ray at Alameda East indicated the same. I was able to get the interpretation. The trauma to her hip was most likely the result of being hit by something, like a car. She will need to have surgery at some point due to the deterioration of the joint. She is otherwise doing amazing. I believe she is now 8 years old. She is my best friend, protector, and copilot for these several years! Although she looks like a lab (only 8.1%), she in fact is 38% Shepard, 25% Rottweiler, 6 to 7% of each doberman, chow, and Australian cattle dog. The rest is called “supermutt” @ 9% or so. This was done through Embark DNA testing. Super interesting and really makes sense about how Leilani looks and behaves.

Thank you for connecting us, I have never had a dog this loyal and loving. She is my baby. I love her so much. Will continue to adopt in the future.