Jan and George’s new Lemon is a lovely two-year-old Lab pup, and this girl is as sweet as they come. With her natural blond beauty, delightful disposition, and wide-eyed enthusiasm for all people, places, and things that she encounters, young Lemon brings a burst of yellow Lab sunshine along wherever she goes.

Lemon’s new parents report:

The beautiful Yellow Lab, Lemon, (FKA Cindy Lou) who we adopted through SHLR, has become a beloved member of our family pack. Lemon loves exploring our large 2-acre property and excitedly goes on any type of car adventure—from Colorado trail walking to shopping for herself at Murdochs and Petsmart. Everywhere she goes, Lemon turns human heads with her lovely good looks and happily makes new canine friends.

Lemon still has the excitement and curiosity of a puppy, finding everything deserving of a sniff, a chew, or a wagging tail. She is a very quick learner and is eager to please. This past week, Lemon and her humans started training with an experienced instructor. Already we’ve learned that when the humans get busy with their things, Lemon patiently waits. In a year of mixed surprises, the day Lemon came into our home stands out as the best. We are grateful to all of the SHLR volunteers for the gift of sweet Lemon.