Dogs, like human friends, come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.  There was a reason for Leopold the yellow lab, and his new adopters, to find each other. Leopold was an eight-year-old stray who needed a friend, and the hole left by the loss of Sarabeth and Antonio’s last Safe Harbor dog was ready to be filled.  Now this energetic boy is showing his new friends how their lifetime together was meant to be, thriving in the mountains of Colorado—all four seasons.

Sarabeth sent us an update:

“Leopold (formerly Charlie) has embraced mountain life to the fullest. Every day he likes to start his walk by taking a snow shower aka rolling in the snow. If there’s enough fresh snow it’s almost like he is making a snow angel, which makes sense because he is an absolute angel. After our first lab, Clyde, from SHLR passed away in January 2021, we knew it would be hard to find another dog that was such a perfect fit for our family, but then along came Leopold. He loves to hang his head out of the car window. When we took him to our vet she said, “he has the heart of an athlete” and it shows as Leopold is literally running up the mountain trails. We can’t wait for summer when the hikes will take us all the way up to the mountain lakes. Thank you Safe Harbor Labs. The three of us couldn’t be happier.”We are so grateful to Safe Harbor Labs!

 Thank you to Connie for fostering and facilitating Leopold/Charlie!