One-year-old Letti arrived at Safe Harbor with an injured, atrophied leg and shoulder, and spent some time in the expert care of one of our wonderful medical fosters. When she was feeling better and was ready to shake off her past and make a fresh start, Letti began to dream of finding her very own family and a place to call home. When she met Laurie and Bill, Letti realized that puppy wishes do sometimes come true, and soon she was wagging her way home with her new family.

Letti’s parents sent us an update on their new girl:  We are a forever Labrador-loving home. We adopted Letti because we have room in our hearts for Labs that might not otherwise get a home based on the care they need. We have Hershey, our chocolate Lab that we rescued through Max Fund. She had a broken femur when she was a pup and they fixed her up, and we took her knowing she would have a tough arthritis journey in her old age. She is now 11 and though the arthritis is coming on, she’s been a wonderful and sweet girl.

Letti is a handful of rambunctious energy. She brings a lot of laughter to our home on the prairie, but we love taking walks and having cuddle time. She’s been doing great with learning some new obedience, but still likes to counter surf, which is just a learning curve for us all! Letti is loved, and Bill and I will continue to work with her on her counter surfing! Thank you Safe Harbor for saving her for us!