Duane, Jeanne, and Lady have welcomed lovely Libby into their family. Seven-year-old Libby settled right in and soon designated herself the family fitness trainer, and this hard-working girl remains dedicated to making sure that everyone gets out and about for some healthy exercise, playtime, and adventure, every day.

Libby’s new parents report:

Libby is an absolute joy! We’re thrilled to have her as part of our family! She’s a sweetheart — very well behaved and she quickly embraced us, and her Great Dane sister “Lady”, as her forever home.

Libby loves her daily morning trip to the dog park where she has met lots of new friends both two and four-legged. She learned that if she gives the two-legged ones a loving look, they will usually reward her with a treat.

Libby loves adventure! We have taken her on a few six to nine mile hikes where she is exposed to new smells and different types of wildlife. Libby is Jeanne’s hiking buddy and is always ready to go exploring new territories. Libby has a stunning deep chocolate coat and we refer to her as our “brown bear cub”.