When Patty and Lilly Belle found each other, they each found a new best friend and soul mate. Seven-year-old Lilly Belle now has the life she’s always dreamed of, and you’ll see her smiling from ear to floppy ear as she takes her new forever mom on walks around the neighborhood each day.

Patty writes:

Lilly-Belle_201605_250pxLilly Belle came into my life with perfect timing. In early January I lost my Missy. Shortly after welcoming Lilly Belle, I lost my Buoy Flynn. After I came home from the vet, I was lying on my bed crying and Lilly jumped up on the bed and rested her head on my chest loving me. She is a lovely girl who makes me smile every day. When the weather is good we take 3 walks a day. When walking she always looks back at me for approval. She is now my soul guardian. We need to work on 2 areas together- greeting people and dogs, and counter surfing when she believes I have been gone too long. We are both so special to each other!