Lilly_201605_350pxFour-year-old Lilly was a lovely lady Lab who had not been paying much attention to the “calories in, calories out” rule and was perhaps a tad bit plump when she arrived at Safe Harbor to begin her search for a forever home. Maren and Ryan met Lilly and fell in love with her beautiful smile and Labtastic joie de vivre, and they knew that a little good living along with diet and exercise would melt away the extra pounds and allow Lilly to be her healthy, happy best. Lilly has joined their family and is now enjoying a life filled with walks, hikes, cuddles, and playtime with her new eight-year-old Lab brother, Cody; and this lively lass has even been spotted spending a little time on the party circuit lately.

Maren and Ryan tell us:

Lilly has quickly adapted to her new home. She spends her days playing with her new brother Cody (pictured birthday companion) and chasing tennis balls around the yard. From day one, her endless tail wagging has become the norm as she always brings joy to anyone who crosses her path. Her genuine excitement for each day has brought welcome light to the entire family and we look forward to having Lilly in our lives for years to come.

The party pups pictured are Lilly, left, and her new brother, Cody, on the right.