Three-year-old Logan charmed his way into his new family.  Bridgit and Xavier thought that Tugger, their white Lab, would appreciate a buddy to hang out with.  Of course, it was meant to be, and these boys became best buddies, checking out the sights and the smells of the doggy-dog world around them.

“We were so excited the moment Logan entered our family! We have a white Lab also from Safe Harbor named Tugger. Tugger loves to play with other dogs, and he is obsessed with fetch! We wanted him to have another friend to play with. They love each other so much! They play and then they snuggle by the fireplace. Logan loves to be around other dogs. He likes to go for daily walks. He could walk all day! His favorite place is the doggie park. He loves chasing other dogs and playing, but mostly he is a backend sniffer to every dog he sees! He’s so cute, playful and happy. We are so blessed they have both been in our lives!”