We adopted Lola at 2-years-old in 2012. I was in fifth grade and convinced my entire class to sign a petition I made on a piece of scratch paper to tell my parents I wanted a dog. A few months later, we were matched by SHLR with Lola.

She was quite the mischievous young dog and was the fastest large dog we had ever seen. She loved to run, play fetch, destroy any plush toy she could get her paws on, swim in the lake, play at the park, eat just about anything, and go for walks. She grew up with me and was a part of our family all the way through elementary school, middle school, high school, and my college graduation. She was such a sweet girl, and we made so many beautiful memories together.

Goodbyes are always hard- especially when you’re saying goodbye to such a great dog that made your childhood special.

We love you Lola, always and forever. Love, Kendle, Josh, Dad, Mom, Smudge, and Winter