Soon after moving to Colorado, a lovely little ten-month-old pup named Lola decided it was time to settle down and raise a family. She soon heard that Robin, Pat, and their kids Ryan and Rachel, were available, and knew that this fun, active, family would fit perfectly into her lifestyle. We arranged a meet and greet and the rest is history.  lola-1

Lola sent a note to fill us in on their happy ending:  Hi! My name is Lola, and this is my story. I was abandoned in Arkansas with two of my brothers. We were found and caught a flight to Colorado with “Pilots N Paws” where I heard the success rate for rescue dogs is pretty good. I was so excited to fly to Colorado! This was the beginning of my journey to find a new family. After a short stay in foster care, my new family spotted me on the SHLR web page and quickly said they wanted to meet me. I couldn’t wait to meet them! In the next few days, I adopted my family that desperately needed a new doggie. You see, my new family had to put down their lab in May 2016 that they adopted from SHLR in 2002. There was definitely an open spot in the family for me! We are getting to know each other, and my family is very good to me. They make me work with a trainer and practice my new skills. I get to sleep on the beds and play with the kids. Ryan is 12 and he REALLY loves to play tug ‘o war with me! Dad and the kids take me to the dog park on the weekends, and I get walks everyday to the nearby duck pond. I am so happy I adopted my new family. They really needed to be rescued!

Pat, Robin, Ryan, and Rachel – happy repeat rescuers of SHLR after 14 years!