Sarah adopted lovely, lively, Lola, a gorgeous five-month-old Lab girl with a satiny black coat and ears that will require a bit of growing into. Lola didn’t miss a beat when joining the family and now counts her six-year-old SHLR Lab sister, Holly, as her favorite canine playmate and BFLF.

Sarah tells us: Lola is such a joy in our home! She has quickly become a part of our family. She has been a blessing for us and our other Lab, Holly, as well. They have bonded and found to be each other’s best friend. You can also find them running around our yard and getting into mischief!

Lola’s favorite things are her morning walks around the lake, peanut butter Kong Balls, and fetching her ball. She also has found a love for her naps out on the back porch, as well as bird “watching.” Lola loves treats. Because of this she has quickly learned sit, down, spin, leave it, and heel. Soon, we hope to teach her to roll over. Lola is looking forward to our camping and hiking adventures.  There will be many new adventures and memories to be made!