That handsome hunk of Lab looking right at home in the middle of the family portrait is the new kid, Louie. Michelle, Jeff, and their children, Jamie and Paul, recently added this big, beautiful, 1.5-year-old boy to their family, and Louie could hardly believe his luck when he learned that in addition to his fabulous new parents, he would have two teenage human siblings to hang out with in his new home. It doesn’t get much better than that for a sociable teenage Lab pup with places to go, people to see, and energy to burn. #Labgoals

Louie’s new mom writes: We’re two for two with Safe Harbor Lab Rescue! Louie is our second adoption through SHLR and we are so lucky! This guy is bringing so much love and laughter to our family and I’m back to my daily walks with a four legged friend! From the day we brought him home we’ve all learned about one another and settled in nicely. He sleeps great through the night, loves to be rubbed and scratched and in true lab fashion, loves his food and snacks! He is very smart and so fun to watch! He LOVES the snow (playing in it, rolling around in it and eating it!) and chewing on logs and branches we have (had) in the wood pile and has a new best friend next door that he plays with often. We’re working on commands like “give” (it’s hard to play fetch when he doesn’t let go of the toy), “off” and “come” (he thinks it’s a suggestion, not a command). We couldn’t be happier with this young man!