Lucky Louie could be called King Kong.  The ubiquitous, snowman shaped, dog toy holds a spell on this yellow boy.  He can keep himself entertained with his red rubber friend and his yard.  This is particularly impressive as this one and half year old cannot see.  Sweet Louie compensates by being a clever dog with a well working nose.  His humans help a bit by using verbal warnings to alert him–which works (usually).  A Labrador puppy at heart, he has two dog brothers to help him romp around and exert his goofy self.

Louie’s new mom gave us an update:

Louie’s main hobbies since getting home include, but are not limited to, ENDLESS Kong playing, adorable solo Kong playing on the little hill in the yard (he goes to the top, lets it roll down, pounces on it, repeat!), amazing cuddles, silly playing with his new brothers, daily walks, and fun runs. He’s as lab as labs come. His nose can get him in trouble despite not being able to see. He’s such a quick study. He learned the house and yard right away. We only had a few “Ah sorry I forgot you’re blind moments”. My command to warn him about something in front of him is “careful” and he’s amazing at slowing down or redirecting. “Step” is another command we’ve worked out together. I’m so glad he’s home. He’s my playful shadow. Love you Louie!”

Thank you to Les B for fostering this sweetheart!