Sweet Blackie is home to stay with his wonderful new mom, Irene, and now proudly goes by the name of Lucas. This handsome, 7ish-year-old, black Lab gentleman, with a heart of gold and a sprinkling of silver on his muzzle, cuts a dashing figure against the winter snow when out and about for family walks around his mountain home. While an old leg injury causes a bit of a hitch in his step, he never lets it dampen his spirits or slow him down. In addition to outdoor excursions, Lucas’ favorite hobbies include snacking, furniture testing, and squirrel watching; but snuggling with mom is at the top of his to-do list at the end of every day.

Irene sent us an update on her new pup: Lucas is a blessing in my life now. He has almost perfect manners on the leash. He loves everyone but his favorite people are kids. People in Winter Park recognize him, and they even give him treats and they pet him a lot. In spite of his limp, this amazing dog can run, and he enjoys his daily walks a lot. We tried to go for short walks, but now he can easily walk up to two hours on the Fraser trail. He has made me happier since I am coping with some personal issues. He is by my side. but he behaves very well when I need to leave him alone…except when he finds food around. I was warned about that so (remove comma) it is my fault; I don’t really mind. He is so smart he even understands Spanish now! He is American Colombian!